Installing the Microsoft Teams Parser for Autopsy

This module requires the installation of Autopsy v4.18 or above and a Windows-based system.

To install the Microsoft Teams parser for Autopsy, please follow these steps:

  • Download the folder of the latest available release.
  • Extract the .zip folder onto your computer.
  • Open the Windows File Explorer and navigate to your Autopsy Python plugin directory. By default, it is located under %AppData%\autopsy\python_modules.
  • Create a new forensicsim folder within the python_modules folder.
  • Copy the ms_teams_parser.exe and the to the forensicsim directory.
  • Restart Autopsy to activate the module.

You can test verify that the module has been installed successfully by performing the following steps:

  • Start Autopsy.
  • Open/Create a case and add a source.
  • You will find the added modules under the menu Tools -> Run Ingest Modules -> Name of the Data Source.